The Canadian Golfer

In 1879, the fourth golf club in Canada established was Brantford Golf & Country Club. A member from this club, named Ralph H. Reville, launched Canada’s first golf magazine. The Canadian Golfer printed its first issue in 1915. The magazine continued under Reville’s direction through 1932 and has since become the primary resource for early Canadian golf history.


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The Canadian Golfer

“The Canadian Golfer is a model which many of our British golf papers might well imitate” – Lord Alness from Edinburgh

“The Canadian Golfer is the best golf journal we receive” – U.S. Burke Golf Company

Ralph H. Reville

Reville as inducted into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame in 1986 for his contribution to golf and for the impact that the magazine had within Canada and around the world. The Canadian Golfer magazines are now a part of the CGHF library. It is the only known source in possession of a complete collection.

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